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Pillar 3: Connection

October 03, 20232 min read

Welcome back!  Today, we're discussing the third pillar upon which all great branding is built - Connection!


But wait, you say... I don't have time to connect with people before they buy!  That's too much coffee and not enough cashola to buy it with!


Oh, my friend... people will buy from you when they feel connected to you.  


In fact, 73% of buyers prefer a personalized buying experience*. Whoa.


That's a lotta people, who want to feel like they're your one and only.


Now, I know you can't really do that for everyone, at least not individually.  So, how do you do it?


Here are a few ways you can build connection with people, all at once:


  1. Show your face.  Live videos, reels and stories, TikToks, are effective BECAUSE people get to see you.  They hear your voice, see your face, smile back at you.  If you're afraid to get on camera, get over it, because it matters more than you know.

  1. Establish the human factor.  Life coffee?  Post it.  Feet stink?  Post about it.  Kitchen finally clean?  Post a picture.  It's a misconception that a business needs to post about business 100% of the time.  Unless you are Nike or McDonalds (gonna guess that you are not), people need to know that you're a real dude or dudette.  Think of it this way: we all have PLENTY of opportunities to buy from faceless Amazon (just ask my credit card!).  You need to stand out as a different buying experience, not try to blend in.

  1. Talk about the unicorns and dinosaurs.  Not literally, of course.  But here's what I'm getting at: People feel things.  They feel something about your product or service, about your business, and about their lives.  Great marketing addresses their feelings, and yours, and doesn't shy away.  PS- what do you think it will do to your "connection factor" when you create a short video identifying their feelings, and answering the questions they haven't even voiced yet??  

    Irresistible, here you come.

Ok... so there are the three pillars.  Ready to implement them in your business and see it grow?  I can't wait to see the results!


Questions?  Just hit reply or book a coffee chat.  

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