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Pillar 1: Authority

September 19, 20231 min read

Authority is not being a know-it-all, or downplaying your competitors, or faking it.

I'm so glad you're reading this. 

Here's why.  In my design agency, I've seen it over and over again.  Clients work on these three pillars, start implementing them in their business, and MAGIC starts happening.

I'm not even kidding.  Organic leads, easier sales calls, higher conversions.

Magic probably doesn't even begin to describe it.  That's because there is something powerful about building Authority, Authenticity, and Connection.

 Let's dig into what each pillar is all about, and how to make the magic happen in your business.


Authority is all about knowing your stuff, and acting like it.  It's walking tall, confident in your offerings.  


It's NOT being a know-it-all, or downplaying your competitors, or faking it.


Here are 3 tips for building the pillar of Authority in your business:


  1. Know your stuff.  Like really, really, really know it.  If there are gaps in your confidence, or areas of what you teach you aren't as sure about, it will show.  Learn up, and fill the gaps.

  1. Know you know.  This is about mindset.  If you're an expert, own it.  If you're the best at your craft, KNOW it deep in your knower.  If you need to review some client emails or reviews, do some mindset work... whatever... do it.  

  1. Give your messaging a makeover.  Cut it out with words like if, maybe, perhaps, sometimes, hopefully, someday, majority.  For example: The majority of my clients get XYZ result.  My clients get personalized results that help them grow their business quickly.  See the difference?


Now, go grow some authority!  In my next post, we'll be talking about Authenticity, so I'll see you then!

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